Chicago Law Enforcement Survey – Share Your Voice, Chicago!

Policing the most dangerous city in the country - National Police Support Fund

Chicago Law Enforcement Survey – Share Your Voice, Chicago!

Dozens are being shot on the weekends. Men, women, and children murdered, robbed, and assaulted. Chicago sounds like an actual war zone and there appears to be no end in sight. It’s a disaster for citizens and law enforcement.

The Chicago Sun Times recently reported the staggering increases in violent crime within certain Chicago policing districts, including:

  • A 220% Increase in Shootings since 2019 in the Central District
  • A 120% Increase in Shootings in the North District
  • Downtown Has Experienced a 35% in Sexual Assaults, & 51% Increase in Auto Theft
  • In total, 617 Have Been Shot to Death and 3,768 Shot & Wounded in the Entire City as of Oct. 23rd

This has been one of the deadliest years in Chicago in decades, perhaps since the mid 90’s. Yet despite the madness, the city’s leadership, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, are adherents to the Left’s radical police agenda.

Policing the most dangerous city in the country - National Police Support Fund

The Chicago PD is overworked and under-supported. Not only are Chicago’s Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) suffering, but the people of the city are suffering and dying as a result of the city’s failed leadership.

The citizen’s are in danger too!

This is why we recently launched the Chicago Law Enforcement Survey – a poll requesting more information from Chicago’s LEOs and residents of the city to understand how they view the situation in their city.

The framework of our survey is simple: we will ask Chicago’s LEOs and residents how they feel about their city’s leadership and law enforcement. 

Beyond that, we will survey officers and their family members on their top concerns at the department. Are their hours a concern? Is pay a concern? Or is safety something that worries them most?

We ask Chicago residents what they think about law enforcement in their city, if they think law enforcement is being properly supported by leadership in the Windy City, and what they’d like to see change about policing in their city.

Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. This is true for both LEOs and civilians. The situation has been out of control in recent years, and as the nation begins to reject the agendas of Leftist politicians concerning Law Enforcement, we must now seize the moment and bring light to how the Law Enforcement Officers and citizens on the ground view the situation.

Live in the city of Chicago? Take the survey now and we look forward to sharing the results!

Image Credit: Photo by Neal Kharawalaon Unsplash

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