2018 Candidate Interviews Underway

Your Vote Counts - 2018 Elections

2018 Candidate Interviews Underway

The National Police Support Fund has begun our annual candidacy interviews. Our teams of volunteers have begun contacting candidates across the country who are running for municipal law enforcement-related positions, including circuit judge, sheriff, and district attorney. The interviews mark the kickoff of our 2018 grassroots effort to highlight strong law-and-order candidates who will support America’s police officers.

We’re hard at work to identify which candidates embrace our values of honor and integrity, and highlight their stances on the issues most important the law enforcement community. During these interviews, candidates are asked to articulate their positions on public safety, officer safety, and other unique challenges their local communities face from a law enforcement perspective.

In the coming months, the National Police Support Fund plans to endorse and support candidates across the country who will provide for the well-being, safety, and effectiveness of their local police officers. Police officers must have all the resources necessary to protect their communities, which includes having strong local officials who support them.

We know that Americans from all walks of life support their local police officers and one of the most impactful ways we can support them is to engage in local political races. We need to elect strong local leaders who will ensure that police officers have the tools they need to protect their communities and stay safe. Without strong local leadership, police face even greater risk on the job.

Stay tuned for more details on our 2018 candidate interviews. In the meantime, we encourage you to join the National Police Support Fund and subscribe to our newsletter. We need your help to carry out our mission to support the brave police officers that protect our communities!