a view of the city of Saint Louis, MO with the gateway arch

According to real estate firm NORADA, St. Louis is now topping an undesirable national chart. The city stands just behind Detroit and Baltimore as one

an aerial view of the courthouse with cars parked in front

The release of revised figures from the FBI has brought a dubious privilege for the city of Jackson, Mississippi: for the second year in a

a white flag flying in front of a clock tower

Amidst the larger noise around the upcoming presidential election, it’s easy to forget that 2024 will also bring a myriad of smaller races. These remain

a chicago police car parked on the street

The last year was a historic one for Chicago: following the creation of “Police District Councils” in 2021, city residents now had to choose the

a large building with a statue in front of it

During a local conference on public safety, DuPage County State Attorney Bob Berlin provided an early update on the effects of the controversial SAFE-T Act,

2023 State Bill Round-Up

Nestled between a midterm and a presidential, 2023 is the kind of year where politics slide to the backburner. However, the legislative machinery is still

2024 Presidential Candidate Spotlight: Chris Christie

With only a few months left before the Iowa presidential caucuses, the Republican nomination process is still technically open. Nevertheless, many conservative voters already have

2024 Presidential Candidate Spotlight Nikki Haley

The next four years will be critical for law enforcement officers around the country. A deepening immigration crisis, constant budget cuts, and a divided population

Election Time in Northern Virginia: What Will This Mean for Police?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the principle of self-determination does not stay in textbooks. Within the State, every year is an election year, as every

Presidential Candidate Spotlight: Tim Scott

Thanks to a recent windfall of official announcements, the Republican primaries are now officially underway. Even if they’re often seen as “less critical” than the