Simon Lewis, Executive Director

Simon Lewis is the Executive Director of National Police Support Fund. He graduated from Marquette University in 2008 and has worked in the political sphere managing operations, fundraising, and political strategy at the state and national level. He has extensive training and real-word experience in law enforcement operations, the National Incident Management System, FEMA operations, and detention operations. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI.

Advisory Committee:

Glen Cox

Glen Cox is a member of the Grassroots Advisory Committee of the National Police Support Fund. He joined the grassroots committee to support fellow law enforcement officers and make sure their voice is being heard in the public policy and political spheres.

As a member of law enforcement, Glen’s biggest concerns are policies regarding the use of deadly force because it is the biggest issue affecting law enforcement right now. He also wants the organization to focus on states enacting laws that are damaging to discretion.

Glen Cox has a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice. He enjoys giving the organization insight on what is expected of him as a law enforcement officer on a day-to-day basis. He hopes that his knowledge and experience are valuable to not only the organization’s mission and values, but the organization’s overall success.

Cox has experience running political groups in college which he hopes to translate his ideas and skills into the National Police Support Fund and broaden his understanding of local and national politics, specifically by learning what other first responders need from politicians and how public policies affect other law enforcement officers.

Cox’s main focus is to be impactful on public policy that represents the interests of law enforcement officers.