Get the Facts About Defunding Police

What does Defunding Police Mean?

“Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality.  Simply put- defunding the police means budget cuts, fewer resources, and less ability to provide meaningful training opportunities due to lack of accessible funds.

Some are calling to “defund police” as a first step towards entirely dismantling whole police departments.

There is no one idea to what defunding and dismantling police departments look like- but from what we’ve seen every option on the spectrum creates dangerous situations for communities. “The ‘dismantle’ argument is short-sighted, naive, and shows a shocking lack of understanding,” Rania Mankarious, CEO of public safety non-profit Crime Stoppers of Houston, told Fox News.

Simply put- this affects everyone. Police departments are already being affected with huge budget cuts and extra pressure to provide better training and reform with a fraction of the budgets that they need. New York City has already passed a motion to shift $1 billion from policing, and other major cities are following suit. The Minneapolis City Council has gone so far as to pass measures to completely dismantle its police force and replace it with a department of community safety and violence prevention. What does that mean? No one knows at the moment.

These moves will affect every citizen- although this will be especially prominent in big cities that already have high crime rates and lack of support for police officers. We don’t yet know the full extent of defunding police- but we DO know that it will cause even more problems in the long term.

Don’t defund- redirect funding to training. 

Consider LEO civil disturbance response standards. Police and LEOs are only provided “offensive weapons” (batons, OC spray, etc) so that’s what they use.

Need to be equipped with and trained on the use of shields, IPC skills, de-escalation techniques.

Need to be educated on non-lethal equipment (more accurately called less-than-lethal), etc.

Learn and understand rules on the use of force, use of force continuum.

Funding for cultural awareness training.

At least 16 major cities are considering measures to defund police, although this is not an exhaustive list. News is coming out constantly on cities that are defunding or dismantling police departments, and while many have not been passed yet- it is not looking good.

There are also measures that are flying under the radar, including in Georgia where they recently passed a measure to allow voters to completely dismantle county police departments. This measure sets a dangerous precedent that may be replicated elsewhere in the country as these calls to defund and disband departments by anti-cop activists continue to grow louder.

Show your support for police officers by reaching out to your local and state governement officials and demand that instead of defunding police they REFUND and REDISTRIBUTE funds to important training and resources that will help officers police more effectively and create community relationships.

Sign our Petition to Restore Respect for Police! Our officers need to know they are not alone and there are many proud citizens that still respect and defend our heroes in blue.

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