2021 Legislative Action


Charter Amendment– November 2, 2021- Replaces the police department with a department of public safety in the city charter.
The passing of this bill would remove language concerning the city’s police department from the city charter, including provisions requiring minimum funding for the department and giving the mayor control over the police department. It would also replace the police department with a department of public safety and establish that the mayor would nominate and the city council would appoint the commissioner of the public safety department.

Replace Police Department Initiative – Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • With a passing of this bill, the police department is replaced with a Department of Public Safety (DPS). This would remove the police department from the Mayor’s control, eliminate policing language and provide minimal police funding.
  • The passing of this bill would set a precedence and be very dangerous for police departments and cities across the country.


Community Police Commission and Police Oversight InitiativeCleveland, Ohio

  • Issue 24 would make changes related to police oversight, discipline, and policies. It would include new requirements for board members to demographically represent the city, transition commission removal authorities from the police chief to the mayor and include other changes to board member requirements.


Police Policies: Minimum Number of Officers and Training Initiative – Austin, Texas

  • Proposition A would establish a staffing minimum of police officers based on population, increase yearly training for officers by 40 hours, and provide additional compensation for officers who show good conduct and participate in additional programs and activities to benefit the community.

New York

N.Y. eyes legislation to keep fired officers from landing new law enforcement jobs, Albany NY

Would permanently prevent police officers in New York from being hired for a new law enforcement position if previously dismissed or forced to resign for disciplinary reasons.


Police training bill cleared for Senate floor, Tallahassee FL

Intended to to prevent excessive use of force by police officers.


“Bias-motivated intimidation”

Increases protection for police, firefighters, and EMTs from death or serious injury, as well as property damage over $500 due to “actual or perceived employment as a first responder”

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In Illinois, the state legislator rammed through House Bill 3653, a dangerous initiative to end cash bail and introduce so-called “police accountability” protocols. Of course, Democrat Governor Pritzker signed the bill into law shortly thereafter.

This all-inclusive police reform bill makes reasonable changes, such as requiring all law enforcement officers to wear body cams by 2025 and outlawing chokeholds, but it also makes sweeping changes to police training policies, restricts equipment officers can use, and makes it more difficult for them to detain or arrest perpetrators.

We need your help to STOP the spread of these unfair, prejudicial laws.
If you live in Illinois, use the Constituent Affairs Help lie at (217) 782-0244 and call your representative. Tell them to RESPECT police officers and give them the tools and training necessary to keep you safe! You can also email Governor Pritzer and tell him to stop giving in to radical leftist ideologies and stand up for cops! 


In Maryland, myriad bills threaten to erode the capabilities of law enforcement officers. The following bills are currently being reviewed by the state legislature and risk being signed into law:

  • HB 1020, or Anton’s Law, opens the personal records of law enforcement officers to public scrutiny. Imagine if your workplace made all petty complaints and internal issues public! Imagine the distrust this would sow amongst employees, supervisors, and the public they serve. Police departments need to be able to handle issues internally in order to function efficiently without having the specter of public shame or disapproval looming over their backs at every turn.
  • HB 0151 would repeal the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights, which ensures procedural safeguards during police interrogations and investigations. Along with certain profession-specific rights afforded to law enforcement officers, the Bill of Rights also provides basic human rights to officers, such as a ban on retaliatory firings or administrative penalties, disallowing prohibitions on officers holding second jobs, and ensuring departments cannot force officers to disclose their income, assets, and property.
  • HB 0670, the Police Reform and Accountability Act of 2021, would repeal the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights which, as we’ve seen across the nation, opens peace officers up to undue scrutiny and hamstrings their efficacy.

Let your voice be heard and contact your Assemblyperson at the phone number below, or if you don’t know who your representative is, look them up here! Tell them to stand up to extremist pressure and support law enforcement officers in the political process. We need to ensure police officers maintain their rights and immunities while doing their job.

  • General Assembly Phone Number: (800) 492-7122

Detroit, Michigan

Proposition P– August 3, 2021
Revises the Detroit City Charter, with multiple changes to the Detroit Police Department included
A “yes” vote supports the adoption of a revised city charter for Detroit that makes changes to policy regarding broadband access, police practices, healthcare, taxes and utilities, and reparations, among other topics.
A “no” vote opposes the adoption of a revised city charter, leaving Detroit’s current charter in place.


Washington State, surprisingly, boasts bills that will offer additional training and protections to law enforcement officers. You can visit Washington’s Legislative Information Center here, or email or call the toll-free hotline at (800) 562-6000 and tell your representative to vote to protect police officers!

  • HI 1000 Expands mental health support and suicide prevention for law enforcement officers. Suicide and mental health are burgeoning issues in the policing profession, and it’s heartening to see politicians working to take the first steps to address the issue.
  • HB 1001 is a bill aimed at aiding departments in the recruitment and retention efforts. The challenging atmosphere in America today has lead to a dearth of legitimate candidates in the recruiting process, and anything that we can do to help qualified, capable recruits join and remain in the force is beneficial.

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