Memphis’ “Blue Sky Strategy”: More Cops, Less Crime?

Over the past two years, the mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland, has been quietly rallying his city’s private sector to revamp his police force. Through

Rising Murder Rates Call For Increased Police Presence, Research Shows

Over the past few years, conflicting political forces have called for radical changes in police powers and tactics. However, many of these reforms are based

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

For Immediate ReleaseMedia ContactSimon LewisExecutive DirectorNational Police Support Fund [email protected]  [05/12/23, Alexandria, VA]- National Police Support Fund was given a green light to ‘continue operations as

why is police presence important

With every new budget, the local Police Department gets ready to answer the same question – what is the best way to allocate this year’s

building police-community relationships

The last decade has shown the importance of police-community relationships, as well as the impact they have on society’s safety and happiness. A deep feeling

The people of Chicago were called to the polls to elect a new Mayor. After receiving less than 20% of all votes, incumbent Mayor Lori

After A Successful Campaign in Virginia, Our Impact Is Still Making Waves

2023 is not an election year. Except for a few localized campaigns around the country, most of us will skip the fast-paced deadlines and the

policing strategies to reduce crime

Even in the best of circumstances, police departments often find themselves trying to do more with less. And every time we get updated crime statistics,

How we helped Virginians Protect Police. National Police Support Fund Get Out the Vote 2022 campaign.

Key battles deserve tight alliances. With this in mind, the midterm election saw a new partnership between us, the National Police Support Fund, and the

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Alexandria, VA. – National Police Support Fund and United Police Fund came together this November to urge Northern Virginians to get out the vote in