NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

What is qualified immunity and why is it so controversial? Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that keeps police officers safe from civil lawsuits. The

2022 Police Safety Bills - National Police Support Fund

The trend coming from Democrats over the last two years has been a relentless initiative to take authority and capability away from police officers, to

Future for Businesses in Chicago - National Police Support Fund

America has seen a lot of division in recent years. This division has stemmed from political stance, failing leaders and lack of support for our

End of Year Media Report

In 2021, National Police Support Fund continued to be a trusted source for police issues. News outlets across the country cited National Police Support Fund’s

How has the rise of social media, public resentment/sentiment, civil disobedience, and civil disturbance evolved? The problems police experience today have not differed since policing

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

From Seattle to Phoenix to Chicago and many smaller cities in between, law enforcement officers are being required to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Many are

Chicago Police Department vs Kim Foxx - National Police Support Fund

What are police supposed to do when a state’s attorney refuses to prosecute criminals? This is the very question plaguing officers in the Chicago PD

Review of Elections 2021 - National Police Support Fund

November 2nd was Election Day for communities around the country. While these were local elections, they may serve as bellwethers for what is to come

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Chicago, IL. – This has been one of the deadliest years in Chicago in decades, perhaps since the mid-1990s. Chicago police are overworked and under-supported.

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

My name is Simon Lewis, and I’m the Executive director of National Police Support Fund. National Police Support Fund is a political organization founded in