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Put an End to Crime - Vote November 8th

There’s just one week to go before the midterm election. We are entering the crucial last minutes of our ongoing struggle to defend police officers.

At National Police Support Fund, we have been observing several key races that may set the tone for the rest of the country. One of the most important ones? The State of Virginia’s gubernatorial battle, where politicians have thrown police officers under the bus in the quest for easy votes.

What’s at Stake in Virginia?

The two main contenders for the State Governor’s race are incumbent Glenn Youngkin (REP) and past Governor Terry McAuliffe (DEM). Currently, several non-partisan electoral portals predict this will be a close race, with less than a full percentage point between both candidates.

McAuliffe already served as Virginia’s governor between 2014 and 2018. His tenure was largely considered a disaster for first responders and law enforcement officers:

  • He saw the State’s murder rate jump by 43%
  • He defended a series of bills meant to cut police powers
  • He publicly supported the movement to “defund the police.”

His continuous attacks on police departments are a big reason why the State of Virginia is now facing its steepest crime rates since the beginning of the century. Many of the changes he enacted continue to deepen the high rates of dissatisfaction experienced by police officers across the State – and in some cases, we haven’t been able to see the full effect of his reforms.

If you have a parent, sibling, or best friend in law enforcement – or if you are simply invested in safer cities and communities – then you must understand why we need to keep McAuliffe’s reforms in the past.

Put an End to Crime - National Police Support Fund

Get Out the Vote in Virginia

Over the days remaining between now and Election Day, we are focused on Getting Out the Vote in Virginia. Virginia now has the highest crime rate in more than two decades. This is a crucial time to put an end to crime and make our communities safer for everyone. 

Our Get Out the Vote campaign is focused on galvanizing conservative voters who may otherwise decide to stay home. We will do this through outreach using Facebook ads, social media, and digital ad campaigns. Watch the video now and share it with your friends and family!

What Can You do to Help?

Fighting crime requires everyone to contribute – and we all have to show up to vote on November 8th. Right now, Glenn Youngkin is trending slightly upwards, but this will mean nothing if people decide to take election day off.

Virginians have a unique opportunity to change how the State is being run – and we will all feel the impact for years to come. If you can, talk to someone who is also worried about crime and safety and remind them what’s at stake.

If you’re not in Virginia, don’t forget that the midterms are not just about gubernatorial races. In many jurisdictions, extra proposals on police funding and training will be put through their final test. Check out our 2022 voting guide to find out what’s happening where you live.

Vote by November 8th to Help Police Officers!

At National Police Support Fund, we will be working overtime to ensure everybody hears the message. Our colleagues and defenders deserve no less!

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