National Police Support Fund Releases its New 2022 Ballot Measures Analysis Report

Police Ballot Measure Analysis - National Police Support Fund

The past year saw 24 ballot measures on law enforcement, police funding, and police oversight presented across the United States. Spread through different voting mechanisms, it can be hard to track these results – or see their implications on the day-to-day activities of your local Police Department.

Many of these ballot measures are essential to expanding law enforcement operations in their respective communities. Others were meant to ensure police officers could access the resources needed to improve their training or renew their facilities. However, others were more controversial, such as restrictions on some types of technology or attempts to defund the police.

Most of these ballots passed, but voters rejected others that felt like “sure wins.” So what does this tell you about the public’s attitudes towards police? What can we learn from their voting patterns? Can we use these lessons to advocate for police officers better?

Download our ballot measure analysis today, and discover what citizens are really thinking about police!