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My name is Simon Lewis, and I’m the Executive director of National Police Support Fund. National Police Support Fund is a political organization founded in

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

This month in Chicago, FOP President announced he’s retiring from the police force. Fortunately, he can still remain as president of the FOP. Furthermore, he

Eric Adams Wins NYC Mayoral Race - National Police Support Fund

By Election Day on November 2nd, the residents of New York City were living in a place which was far more dangerous than it was

John Catanzara - National Police Support Fund

John Catanzara, the President of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, is retiring from the force. And now he wants to run for mayor.  Catanzara, who

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

Over the last year, there has been a huge movement to change policing. Many bills have been introduced, some passed into law. The goal of

Chicago More Police Funding - National Police Support Fund

“I think mayors across the country, particularly in this time, we have a moment where we can really change for the good, the narrative around

Dangerous Bills for Police - National Police Support Fund

Since last year, state and local lawmakers have sought ways to restrict police officer’s rights and capabilities in the name of “social justice.” These policies

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

Violence, crime and general unrest continues in Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to place blame anywhere but on the politicians running the city. This time,

Violent Crime Surges in Chicago - National Police Support Fund

There is perhaps no city in America so infamously linked to violence and criminality over recent years than Chicago. The Windy City has been in

Best States to Be a Police Officer - National Police Support Fund

As much as we would like to see top-notch police programs in every city and town in the United States, the reality is that the