Antifa is Just Another Cop-hating Movement

We have all seen newsreels lately of masked “protesters” inciting riots who call themselves “Antifa”, aka “Anti-fascist”. This group claims its mission is to defeat

Common Sense Solutions to Improving Police Roadside Safety - National Police Support Fund

In July of this year, a police officer in Texas pulled over a vehicle to the side of the road. Traffic stops are exceedingly normal;

yellow caution line for vehicle crime scene

Alexandria, VA– Violence against police officers in the United States is on the rise. The statistics prove it. From traffic stops to ambush attacks, police officers

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The recent massacre in Las Vegas is a grim reminder of the extreme danger police officers face on a daily basis. At any moment, officers could

Grassroots Movement in Support of Police Officers - National Police Support Fund - Support the Local Police

There is no denying the fact that America’s police officers are under attack by a pervasive and increasingly violent anti law enforcement movement in our