National Police Week a success for National Police Support Fund

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, VirginiaThe National Police Support Fund board and staff attended National Police Week in Washington D.C. Events included the Police Unity Tour Arrival Ceremony, National Honor Guard and Pipe Band Competition, and the 37th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day Services.

Surveys were conducted asking individuals what they believe the #1 issue is facing law enforcement. People from all over the United States answered with responses ranging from fixing America’s police shortage, funding for officer safety, and combating the American drug epidemic.

“We asked people one simple question about their concerns as law enforcement,” said Simon Lewis, President of NPSF. “It gave us a good idea of how people across America feel about the current issues facing law enforcement.”

The goal was to not only raise awareness of the organization’s value and mission, but learn from the attendees of their views on the relationship between elected officials and police officers. The organization is a grassroots political organization dedicated to promoting the interests of law enforcement officers within the national political process.

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