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The past year saw 24 ballot measures on law enforcement, police funding, and police oversight presented across the United States. Spread through different voting mechanisms,

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[6/8/2022, ALEXANDRIA, VA.] – Pro-police political grassroots organization National Police Support Fund has just released their latest edition of their Law Enforcement Support Guides, which

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One of the best parts about being an American citizen is the opportunity to vote for the elected official and ballot measures you want; but

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[5/16/2022, WASHINGTON D.C.] – Pro-police grassroots organization National Police Support Fund has announced their sponsorship of Tent City through the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge

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People are tired of the violence, disrespect, and mistreatment of police officers. They are also tired of government overreach from elected officials. Our field office

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Chicago, IL. – National Police Support Fund, a grassroots political organization that has been focused on policing and politics in the Chicago area since 2018,

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Law & Order on the streets of Chicago has disintegrated and crime is surging at some of the worst rates in decades. At the beginning

What is the Revolving door? We all know the revolving door as a door that turns in its frame in a 360-degree circular motion when

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What is qualified immunity and why is it so controversial? Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that keeps police officers safe from civil lawsuits. The

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The trend coming from Democrats over the last two years has been a relentless initiative to take authority and capability away from police officers, to