2019 National Police Week – Day 3 Recap (May 14th, 2019)

2019 national police week - day 3

Day 3 of National Police Week brought the various honor guards of police departments across the nation to the United States Capitol. The Grant Statute portion of the capitol was home to 24 participants in both the honor guard and pipe drum classes.  The main purpose of the honor guard competition is to determine the best squads of the finest officers who perform honor guard duties: a group that requires skill, precision, and compassion alike to perform effectively.

2019 honor guard competition

There was a different side to the honor guard competition that was shown. Each of the participants, regardless of their placement in the competition, performed very solemn tributes. The U.S. Border Patrol Honor Guard had the most stirring performance of the day. Their performance was of their customary tradition of staying with the fallen officer until the officer is interred at their final resting place. Each of the honor guard members moved their rifles one by one until the final portion of their routine. They lay the vest of the fallen officer onto a wooden cross. The leader of the U.S. Border Patrol Honor Guard proclaimed to the attendees of the significance of their tradition. A standing ovation was also given to the honor guard team that won the pipe and drum class of the competition in 2018.

While these competitions were going on by the U.S. Capitol, Tent City by RFK Stadium was still buzzing. A larger crowd descended on tent city during the afternoon hours, whichcan be attributed to the sunny weather that broke out for the first time during National Police Week.

Stay tuned tomorrow as the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will provide his remarks at the National Law Enforcement Officers ceremony.

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