2020 Executive Director’s Report

Like the rest of the world, National Police Support Fund faced unforeseen and unprecedented challenges in 2020. Despite the challenges facing law enforcement nowadays, staying true to our mission and grassroots supporters remains paramount in our activities. Let’s take a few moments to reflect on National Police Support Fund’s accomplishments, initiatives, and successes in 2020:

Restore Respect for Police!

We continued our push to gain support to bring respect back to the law enforcement profession. For too long the media and politicians have been abusing law enforcement officers and using them as nothing more than pawns in their biased, partisan games.

Our work proves that the average American citizen still believes police officers are a vital part of our communities! Over 100,000 patriots have signed the petition to vow to respect law enforcement officers and

Issue Advocacy and Voter Engagement

National Police Support Fund continued its tradition of publishing issue fact sheets in 2020. In fact, we published two guides on hot-button issues that saw wide distribution across the country. In Spring of last year, we published our 2020 Law Enforcement Support Guide highlighting the imperative to keep policing issues in mind when going to the polls. This voter guide was distributed to tens of thousands of supporters nation-wide and was followed up by a refresher Police Issue Fact Sheet ahead of the General Elections in November.

In anticipation of the November 6th, 2020 Elections, National Police Support Fund also conducted a massive get out the vote and awareness campaign, activating over half a million supporters to get to the polls and exercise their Constitutional Rights and stand up for police in the political process. 

Focus on the Facts – Defunding Police

In the wake of the anti-police defunding movement, National Police Support Fund continues to be a trusted source for the facts about this dangerous initiative. Defunding harms police departments and hamstrings their ability to respond to not only crises, but also to serve the everyday needs of their local communities. Find our ongoing series here and get the facts for yourself!

Focus on the Facts – Qualified Immunity

The removal of qualified immunity is one of the biggest dangers to our law enforcement officers today. Loss of qualified immunity would force police officers to be held personally responsible for anything that occurs in the admission of their law enforcement duties. Daily, officers must make split-second decisions based on limited information. Removing qualified immunity puts cops on the defensive and leads to even more dangerous situations and a reticence to act in the best interest of the community. Learn the facts here.


National Police Support Fund continues to nurture and strengthen our partnerships in the policing industry. In 2020, reaffirmed our commitment to the Fraternal Order of Police by sponsoring the distribution of their #iam initiative.

We also built grassroots partnerships with We the People Support Law Enforcement, a movement of supporters demonstrating their gratitude for local law enforcement officers with parades and police-focused events.

As the pandemic subsides and the country reopens, look for us to continue our public displays of support at pro-police events in your city!

Video Series

We’ve continued to take to the internet and social media to hold politicians accountable for their embarrassing abuse of law enforcement. We’ve recently published videos demonstrating the lack of leadership across the board, from everyone like Mayor Bill DeBlasio in New York, to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and District Attorney Kim Foxx in Chicago.

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