3 Reasons Why Antifa is Just Another Cop-hating Movement

Antifa is Just Another Cop-hating Movement

We have all seen newsreels lately of masked “protesters” inciting riots who call themselves “Antifa”, aka “Anti-fascist”. This group claims its mission is to defeat fascism in the United States, but at its core, Antifa is just another anti-police movement on the rise in the United States. Here are three reasons why Antifa is just another cop-hating movement.

Why Antifa is Just Another Cop-hating Movement:

Endless rambling on “police brutality” on Antifa website

Antifa is a loosely organized federation of local organizations but this website is essentially its main online footprint. If one performs a quick search of “police” on the website, 35 pages of articles appear that rant against cops in some way.  Their attitudes toward police are on proud display in this official Antifa pamphlet distributed to members. This rambling Antifa manifesto complains that, “[Police officers] are an advance guard for a stepped-up reign of terror on Black and Latino people.” This type of rhetoric is dangerous and only increases the distrust and tension between inner-city citizens and the police who protect those communities.

Antifa leaders calling for “dead cops”

In September, a co-founder of Antifa’s Washington D.C. arm and professor at John Jay College stirred up controversy when he jeered about dead cops.  Michael Isaacson proudly proclaimed on his Twitter page that he considers it “a privilege to teach future dead cops” as a professor at the school. Fortunately, his vulgar statements have been condemned by people on both sides of the aisle. However, it is deeply disturbing that individuals like Isaacson, who openly promote violent anti-police views, hold positions of authority at American universities.  

Violence against police officers at Antifa rallies

Almost every time Antifa hits the streets, they direct violence at police officers. Here’s an example where Antifa demonstrators hurled smoke and projectiles at police officers during rallies in downtown Portland, injuring at least two officers. Or this  example of Antifa members turning violent at a rally in Phoenix. And finally, here’s a particularly disgusting example of Antifa members launching urine at police officers at another rally in Portland. These instances prove that Antifa does not engage in peaceful protests. They incite riots, plain and simple. Antifa claims to have legitimate points of view but their violent rhetoric and actions directed toward police officers makes them nothing more than an anti-police anarchist group.

Unfortunately, mainstream media and politicians too often refuse to condemn Antifa’s violence toward police officers. That’s why the National Police Support Fund is dedicated to speaking out against the anti-police movement in the United States. We know the vast majority of Americans support police officers. That is why we seek to provide a united voice against violent anti-cop groups like Antifa. If you support America’s police and are sick of cop-hating groups like Antifa, we encourage you to join the National Police Support Fund today and help us defend America’s police officers.

Image © Michael Jastremski / 2017-01-27 07:40:03