National Police Support Fund Announces Video Campaign, Says Chicago Mayor’s “Lack of Leadership on Full Display”

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Alexandria, VA. – Grassroots political organization National Police Support Fund is drawing awareness to the ever-increasing crime and violence that is overtaking America’s largest cities through a nationwide online ad campaign. National Police Support Fund has announced a video campaign that highlights the recent violence in Chicago and the vital role the Mayor plays in whether this trend will continue under the current “anti-police rhetoric.” 

This video series is part of a larger campaign to engage the public on police-related issues and understand the role politicians play in law enforcement. “The writing’s been on the wall for Lightfoot’s entire career, and now the violence has boiled over once again. It seems Mayor Lightfoot should be grateful to the pandemic, as it distracts from underlying issues in her regime. She deflects her duties under the guise of “public health”; meanwhile, criminals run the streets unchecked,” Executive Director Simon Lewis commented. “Lightfoot’s lack of leadership is on full display.”

Earlier this year, National Police Support Fund released the first video in the campaign on Mayor Lightfoot’s ‘backwards and dangerous rhetoric against police officers.’ “Things have gotten even worse in Chicago since we released that first awareness ad,”Mr. Lewis continued. “It seems hard to believe, but it’s true. Lightfoot’s actions are putting our officers and our citizens in harm’s way, and we can’t stand by quietly.” 

National Police Support Fund’s advertising campaign will reach hundreds of thousands of voters and highlight the ineptitude of Lightfoot’s tenure in office. Citizens need to hold politicians accountable for the lack of leadership, and this ad campaign will paint the full picture of the Lightfoot disaster in Chicago. For more information and to receive updates, visit and follow their YouTube channel

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