August 2020 News Roundup

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

Nationwide calls to “defund the police” and even disbanding police departments have become louder. The potential of this movement is detrimental to our communities. Politicians and elected officials who are careless and undermine the duties of our officers add to the dangers. The push to radically change law enforcement in the wake of George Floyd’s death has given Mayor Lori Lightfoot just the ammunition she needs to push her own short-sighted version of reform. This behavior is unacceptable, and we’re speaking out about it. Unfortunately, it’s not just her. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s backwards and dangerous rhetoric against police officers is displayed in our (video ad campaign) created to speak out against politicians with prominent anti-police attitudes and actions. 

It’s politicians such as these causing police officers to retire in numbers larger than ever over the last few weeks. We NEED police forces. Our Defunding Police Facts page explains the dangers we face when these corrupt politicians hold the power to follow through with these demands. We need police forces and must restore respect for police. Have you signed our petition yet?

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