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It’s not a secret anymore. Police officers across the country are being targeted more than ever with violence, fueled in large part by the growing

Police Officer Under the Bus - Official shouting - National Police Support Fund

It’s the sad reality in America today. Politicians across the country are taking advantage of the growing anti-police culture in our society by throwing police

Philly Judge Blames - Police Officer - National Police Support Fund

Late last month, a Philadelphia judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the city’s police union challenging the constitutionality of District Attorney’s Office (DAO) Police Misconduct

Are Requirements to Become a Police Officer too tough - National Police Support Fund

As we have covered previously, there is a growing shortage of police recruits in the United States. In 2019, fewer and fewer young people are

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The opioid crisis in the United States continues to rage on in 2019, and it seems that no city or state is immune to the

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Community engagement is more important than ever before for America’s police officers. Over the last few years, police officers have been the target of public

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Every once in awhile, the police blotter section of your local newspaper can be comedy gold. Just look at some of these hilarious police reports.

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Even though the jobs of police officers are far from funny, every once in a while there are moments of pure hilarity. Here’s what we

Police Officers Experience High Rates of PTSD - Featured Image - National Police Support Fund

Police officers face dangers every day on the job that few of us will encounter in our lifetimes. Whether duty calls for officers to pursue

Health and Wellness for Corrections Officers - National Police Support Fund

Corrections is one of the toughest professions around. There are few other lines of work in which exposure to violence, trauma and physical assault are