California Proposition 25 Defeated, Thanks in Part to Local Efforts Funded by National Police Support Fund

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Sacramento, CA. – Grassroots political organization National Police Support Fund partnered with local organizations to oppose California Proposition 25 that was ultimately defeated by voters on Election Day. 

Proposition 25 would have upheld California Senate Bill 10 passed by the state legislature in 2019 that would replace cash bail for some criminal offenses with a risk assessment system. National Police Support Fund opposed this measure because repealing cash bail laws would only encourage and allow criminals to re-offend. This poses a danger to both communities and police officers, and by eliminating cash bail as proposed in this measure- we are allowing criminals to continue to wreak havoc with little to no consequences. 

National Police Support Fund works across the country to support and defend police offices within the political process. During this critical election year, the organization focused on state measures that would have direct impacts on law enforcement, including California proposition 25. The mission of National Police Support Fund is to “provide a united voice for true Americans who support our nation’s law enforcement officers. We strive to engage the public through political grassroots activity to support political interests that promote officer’s interests. We’re working to defeat anti-police sentiment and bring honor and respect back to the policing profession.”

Working together with local organization Californians Against the Reckless Bail Scheme, National Police Support Fund donated resources directly to opposing this measure that ultimately failed to pass. The measure failed by a 55% to 44% margin, repealing the law. “We were thrilled to hear that Proposition 25 failed to pass. This is good news for California police officers, and we hope it sends a message to politicians that citizens will continue to stand up for law and order,” said Executive Director Simon Lewis in a statement. 

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