National Police Support Fund Calls Illinois Police Reform Bill “A Dangerous New Trend for Police.”

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Springfield, IL. – Grassroots political organization National Police Support Fund released a strong statement and video rebuking the Illinois Police Reform bill last week after the Governor officially signed it into law. 

Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzer signed HB 3653 into law at the end of February, which covers a large array of police and criminal justice reform measures from eliminating cash bail to a ban on all police chokeholds as well as new guidelines for “decertification” of police officers, among other changes. Most provisions go into effect on July 1, and cash bail is expected to be fully eliminated by January 2023.

“This legislation sets the stage for more drastic reforms like this to sweep the country,” said Executive Director Simon Lewis. “These new standards will endanger police officers and citizens of Illinois. The new systems in place will be abused by criminals and citizens with anti-cop beliefs. The anonymous complaints that will be allowed on officers will be weaponized without a doubt. Careers and lives can and will be ruined by this new system.”

National Police Support Fund is committed to promoting the interests and well-being of American police officers within the public policy process through grassroots political action. The organization was founded as a response to the rise of an increasingly violent anti-police sentiment across the country. 

“Not only did police unions and other associations oppose and condemn this bill before it came into law, a survey found that most Illinois citizens also don’t approve of these new measures,” continued Mr. Lewis. “It is clear that this bill was not widely supported and the issues surrounding the proposed changes are well known. Governor Pritzker should be reminded that his elected position is as a means to serve the citizens of Illinois. By signing this controversial- and frankly unpopular- bill into law, he is signifying that the will of the people is inconsequential.” 

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