Chicago Police Survey conducted by National Police Support Fund Released, Results Are Alarming

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Chicago, IL.National Police Support Fund, a grassroots political organization that has been focused on policing and politics in the Chicago area since 2018, conducted a survey earlier this year on policing the most dangerous city in the country. The main question that the organization wanted answered was: What do Chicago’s LEO’s and citizens think about the current environment that Chicago police are trying to protect and serve in, both politically and socially. The results that were returned are chilling and highlight deep-seeded issues that need to be addressed before matters get even worse. 

The survey was released to those in the Chicagoland area and asked a series of questions aimed at better understanding the current situation police officers are facing in the city and to gain the perspectives of both civilians and officers alike. 

The staggering results of the survey are below. National Police Support Fund will be continuing their efforts to create positive change for police officers in Chicago, and confront the anti-police sentiment head-on in Chicago and other major cities across the U.S. “It’s time for everyone who supports police to stand up and fight for the respect they deserve,” Executive Director Simon Lewis stated. 

Policing the most dangerous city in the country:

What do Chicago’s LEO’s and citizens think?

  • 56% of respondents were police officers or loved ones of a police officer in Chicago, the remaining 44% were civilians 
  • 96.5% of respondents have no confidence in Mayor Lori Lightfoot 
  • 90% stated firmly that police officers in Chicago are working under poor conditions and deserve more support/resources
  • The top concern for police officers in the city was safety (79.4%)
  • A very large portion of officers (33.2%) were already looking for other employment, with another 10.8% planning on staying with the department less than a year. Clearly, there are some serious issues in the lack of support and safety facing Chicagoland officers

These statistics should be sobering and alarming to all citizens that believe in law and order and public safety. If you are in the Chicago area, we urge you to step up and let your representatives and elected officials know that you Support The Police and demand better working conditions, safety, and respect for all law enforcement!

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