National Police Support Fund Supports, Commends New Illinois Bill that Would Boost Recruitment

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Springfield, IL. – Grassroots political organization National Police Support Fund has publicly announced their support for Illinois bill HB 3643 this week, introduced back in February by State Rep. Thomas Bennett. National Police Support Fund opened a field office just outside of Chicago, called “Police Issues Action Center of Illinois“ back in March of this year and has been involved in recent grassroots political action related to police issues within the state for the past year. 

If passed, Illinois House Bill 3643 would amend the Illinois Police Training Act to create a Recruitment Division within the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board and establish a “Back the Badge” program to hire and retain sworn officers across the state. The program would focus on hiring officers that were representative of the communities they serve and in line with law enforcement priorities.

“Police officers across the state are retiring and leaving the force in record numbers following the passage of the criminal justice reform bill and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on day-to-day duties,” the Executive Director of National Police Support Fund stated. “This combination creates a situation where police forces are not able to meet the minimum staffing requirements needed to perform essential duties, or resort to hiring potentially unqualified candidates to fill open positions.” 

One major concern this year is the effects of reform on police recruitment, staffing, and retention across the country. Morale is at an all time low as police are attacked by mainstream media, assaulted and killed both on and off duty, and democratic representatives across the United States push police reform bills to appease progressive activists.  

For more information on the National Police Support Fund’s mission to support police in Illinois, visit our Police Issues Action Center.  

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