Evolution of Police Problems From the 90s to Now

How has the rise of social media, public resentment/sentiment, civil disobedience, and civil disturbance evolved?

The problems police experience today have not differed since policing started. The presence of social media has had an adverse effect on policing due to the mob mentality. Social media elevates situations without all the facts. Social media also promotes a person’s own agenda without having to justify their posts. There are no checks and balances with social media.

Social media has elevated civil disobedience and civil unrest. This is due to now everyone with a smart phone now has the ability to live stream riots in real time.

Social media is also used by antagonists to promote civil unrest and coordinate riots with persons from outside of the local city.

Our desires to impact law enforcement and see positive change calls are also very powerful.

You can show your support by flying a Thin Blue Line flag, having a sticker of support on your car. When you see a police officer, say “Thank You” 

However, the best way to really support your local police is to put pressure on your local elected officials.

The issues I am watching in the 2022 elections include but are not limited to defunding the police and vaccine mandates. Defunding the police has caused police morale to drop, and has a negative effect on recruiting and retention. Vaccine mandates will cause police departments to lose good police officers over a political issue. Once a police officer leaves a police department it will take between 12-18 months to replace him/her. When police officers view their administration and or city/town government does not have their support they start to pull back and aggressive policing stops. This is human nature not only reserved for police officers.

For example, in the 2021 New York City’s Mayor’s race Eric Adams pledged to restore the plain clothes anti-crime unit who was tasked at taking guns off the streets. He has stated he will not allow New York City to continue to be a lawless and crime ridden community. BLM activists have already stated they will riot, burn down the city and bloodshed will occur if Mayor Adams will support the police. Time will tell if Eric Adams will stand by his words or allow mob rule to be the norm. Let’s hope Eric Adams stands up to the mob!

The violent crime in both Chicago and New York City stem from a lack of leadership staring at City Hall. Both Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Mayor Bill de Blasio in my opinion are at the root of the crime issues in both cities.

They do not support the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day to serve their communities.

In New York City they have bail reform, which is a legal term for no cash bail. No sooner is a suspect arrested and processed he/she is released back out into the community only to offend again. Time and time again career criminals use no cash bail as a “revolving door” and continue to commit crimes over and over again. This has an adverse effect on police morale.

I have been to both Chicago and New York City many times in the past but at this point in time I would not suggest to anyone to visit either city as your chances of being a victim have skyrocketed especially for visiting Tourist’s.

It’s time for change, starting with the elected officials.

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