Five Most Heartwarming Police Stories of 2017

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Tis the season for heartwarming stories. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we wanted to draw attention to five heartwarming police stories from 2017.  Stories like these occur every day across America but often go unnoticed. Here are five stories of police officers going above and beyond the call of duty that are sure to warm your heart.

Five Most Heartwarming Police Stories of 2017:

Florida officer buys man new wheels

In July, Officer Terrance HIghtower of the Jacksonville Police Department was on routine patrol when he noticed a man wheeling his damaged bicycle on one front tire down the street. Feeling bad for the man, Officer Hightower proceeded to drive to a local sporting goods store where he purchased two brand new wheels for the man’s bike. Recalling the story, Officer Hightower simply said, “Sometimes you just have to help people.” That coming from an officer whose duty it is to help and protect people every day. Well done Officer Hightower.

Officer sends selfie-warning to would-be thief

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Last February in Seattle, a woman was dropped off at her home by an Uber driver when she realized that her purse was still in the driver’s vehicle. The woman was able to contact  the driver but he refused to return the woman’s property. After she reported the incident to police, Officer Eric Michl took the matter into his own hands. Officer Michl took a selfie in full uniform and sent the photo the the driver’s phone. He also warned the driver that he would be arrested if he did not return the woman’s property. The driver returned the woman’s purse immediately thanks to Officer Michl’s quick thinking.

Cop pushes woman in broken wheelchair up steep road

While on patrol in Rock Island, Illinois, Officer Tyson Nichols noticed an elderly woman in a wheelchair on the side of the road. She had become stranded after her electric wheelchair broke-down. Officer Tyson contacted the Metro Bus and arranged for her to get home safely. But what makes this story so heartwarming is this photo. After arranging for the woman to be taken home, Officer Nichols pushed the woman up a steep hill to a shady area where she could wait comfortably for her bus. Thankfully someone was standing by to capture the touching moment.

Albuquerque officer adopts baby from drug-addicted mother

Finally, there’s this incredibly moving story from Albuquerque. After responding to a possible theft at a convenience store, Officer Ryan Holets noticed a strange commotion in a nearby grassy area. When Officer Holets approached the area, he saw a woman about to inject a needle into her male companion’s arm. Holets was shocked and horrified when he realized that the woman was pregnant. While being questioned by Officer Holets, the woman explained how desperately she wanted her child to have a stable, loving family. It was then that Officer Holets offered to adopt the woman’s baby. A few months later, Ryan Holets and his wife adopted the woman’s newborn baby girl. They named her Hope. You can read Officer Holet’s entire heartwarming story here.

Police officers go above and beyond the call of duty every day. While their first duty is to “serve and protect”, heartwarming stories like these demonstrate the genuine quality of character of so many police officers. This holiday season, remember to thank a police officer for their service and bravery. We also encourage you to join the National Police Support Fund today and help stand up for the issues most important most important to America’s police officers.

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