National Police Support Fund attends Fraternal Order of Police fall conference

Fraternal Order of Police fall conference - National Police Support Fund

National Police Support Fund was invited to attend the Fraternal Order of Police fall conference in Independence, Ohio on Oct. 25 & 26. One hundred-twenty law enforcement officers were in attendance from all over the United States.

FOP of Ohio conference 2018

There were a lot of closed-door meetings all day long, but in between meetings, the National Police Support Fund staff was able to discuss concerns law enforcement had for upcoming elections in their states and how National Police Support Fund could be of assistance.

One major concern in Ohio is the “Issue One” coming up on the ballot in November. If it is to pass, it makes offenses related to drug possession and use no more than misdemeanors; prohibits courts from ordering persons on probation for felonies be sent to prison for non-criminal probation violations and creates a sentence credits program for inmates’ participation in rehabilitative, work or educational programs.

National Police Support Fund is able to assist various political organizations with funding in Ohio to vote “no” on this issue by providing financial support to advertising and promoting of this “vote no” campaign. If it weren’t for us being there, we would not have known about Issue One and how they need help promoting voting no in November.

We were also able to connect with law enforcement in need of our assistance in Florida, New York and Tennessee.

The Fraternal Order of Police “On the Hill” event will be a day in February with their spring conference following in March in New Orleans. Dates for those events have yet to be determined until after November’s election.