National Police Support Fund Accomplishes Great Success with “Respect Police” Movement Petition

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, Virginia – National Police Support Fund has begun collecting signatures of police supporters across the nation. The “Respect Police” petition is working to bring together supporters who are taking a stand against the pervasive anti-police movement that is running rampant. 

In less than one month, we have enlisted the aid of over 10,500 supporters. “It’s exciting to see real Americans stand up for our police officers. It goes to show that no matter what the negative mainstream media wants to focus on, we can still build grassroots support for the brave individuals who keep us safe every day,” said Simon Lewis, Executive Director of National Police Support Fund. The petition can be found on our website.

National Police Support Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. To contribute, visit

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