National Police Support Fund growing as authority on police-related issues

media mentions - national police support fund legit

National Police Support Fund’s work has been recognized by media outlets across the country. We continue to research and act on issues affecting police officers. In the past few months, National Police Support Fund has been mentioned in several news stories by media outlets across the country. Some of these outlets include,

  • WCVB Boston highlighted our research into the startling numbers of officers killed in the line of duty in recent years.
  • The Northside Sun in Mississippi used our research into department recruitment and retention numbers to draw attention to police pay issues.
  • used National Police Support Fund as an example of organizations striving to promote officer wellness programs during the annual International Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando, Florida.

We thank these outlets for mentioning National Police Support Fund in their respective stories. We continue to strive to be a leading voice for America’s police officers. It is our sincere hope that our organization continues to grow as a trusted source on law enforcement issues for media outlets across the United States.