How to Hold Elected Officials Accountable on Police Issues Post-Election

Post election elected officials - National Police Support Fund

The election might be over, but that does not mean it’s time to sit back and rest on your laurels until the next one. Maybe you were happy with the outcome of your state or local election, or maybe you weren’t. Either way, you can do your part to make sure elected officials fight for issues that matter to police officers and the people who support them. 

Here are a few ways to do that, from members of Congress to mayors, city council, and other local offices:

Show Up

This one is especially important at the local level. The old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is definitely true in local government. Every public meeting provides the opportunity for citizens to make comments to the elected officials — and increasingly to the media and the public watching the meeting online. 

Post election elected officials - National Police Support Fund

These meetings are a great opportunity to voice your support for law enforcement and keep them at the top of the agenda for your elected officials. When they see you week after week or month after month, they’ll have no choice but to confront the issues you’re raising in your comments.

Making repeat comments at meetings will also capture the media’s attention, which will bring even more attention to your cause and hopefully inspire others to join it. If the meeting allows individual recordings, you can also have someone film your comments and post them to social media to generate even more traction.

While most of this advice applies to local government, it’s also true when members of Congress hold town halls. All of the same rules apply — show up and speak your mind as often as possible.

Follow Up

Showing up to events is great, but it should not be the only form of outreach you have with elected officials. The new year is a great time to start a new routine of routinely calling and emailing elected officials at all levels to make sure they stay on top of issues that are important to you.

Members of Congress and local government offices in bigger cities have full-time staff dedicated to handling these requests — make them work for their paycheck! If you have even more time, you can sign petitions like the one we created to restore respect for police in America.

There are also a number of apps you can download to keep tabs on what elected officials are up to, how they vote on key issues, and establish recurring contact with their offices. These apps help keep contact with elected officials at the top of your mind and 


Finally, if you are financially able, consider making contributions to candidates who support law enforcement. Every little bit helps as political advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts become more and more expensive.

For some officeholders, the next election is just two years away, and the campaign will begin in earnest before you know it. Many incumbent officeholders leave their campaign funds open continuously because they’re basically always running for re-election. 

The National Police Support Fund always welcomes contributions from people who are passionate about preserving and defending the important work police do to keep our communities safe. Here’s how you can contribute to our work.

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