July 2020 News Roundup

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

It may seem like everyone is starting to adjust to this somewhat new way of life, but there are still many unsettling events happening in our country. Police officers continue to deal with the global pandemic, protests, and acts of disrespect just because of the uniform they wear. While we’ve seen some laws proposed to protect our officers, there are still many pushes for legislation that presents hazard for our officers. There’s been push to release disciplinary records, demilitarize the police, remove qualified immunity and continued push to cut budgets and spending. All of which are detrimental to our police departments and their ability to protect the citizens which they serve.

On the other hand, there are many politicians who are urging people to pay attention to the dangers of defunding and disbanding our law enforcement. We’ve seen rallies organized to support officers, police chiefs speaking out and opposing reforms, and bipartisan legislation that stands against the “Defund Police” movement. We’re hopeful that the commitment and hard work of those who support law enforcement will be able to stop the dangerous movements and reforms we are facing.

We appreciate your continued support and interest in protecting our officers and the values they hold. As always, we’ll continue to bring you the latest news to keep you informed and protected. Our men and women in blue deserve to the utmost respect, and we’ll keep pushing to make sure they receive it! Thank you for standing with us.

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