June 2020 News Roundup

June 2020 News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

What a month. Police officers have faced a global pandemic, protests, riots, looting, and verbal and physical attacks, all while trying to continue to protect and serve the communities that have decided to turn their backs on them. Since the death of George Floyd, we have seen progressives call for the defunding- or even a complete disbanding- of police departments. Politicians are bowing to radicals and are considering legislation that will hurt our law enforcement and put them at risk. Officers’ personal information is being leaked online, and police are getting verbally and physically ambushed both on and off duty. And yet, they are still wearing their badges and answering calls. These are true heroes. 

We are monitoring police reform legislation at local, state, and federal levels. Much of the proposed legislation is a knee-jerk and untenable reaction to recent events. We believe that this moment could be a real opportunity to create positive change and build a better relationship between our officers and our citizens. We hope legislators take a step back and worth with our law enforcement to create positive change- including better funding, training, and community building for our police departments. 

Luckily, not everyone believes the lies that are being spread about our police officers. We have seen a surge in support from the supporters of National Police Support Fund, thanking officers for their hard work and making it clear that many citizens still stand behind them as they are being demonized by the media and liberal politicians. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support for our men and women in blue- so please keep it up!

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