National Police Support Fund Launches Series, Free Resources on Qualified Immunity

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, VA – National Police Support Fund launched an initiative today that will help educate and engage the public on the hot topic of qualified immunity for police officers. National Police Support Fund is a grassroots political organization whose mission is to promote the interests and well-being of American police officers within the public policy process through grassroots political action. This initiative will include a facts page, free resources, a blog series, and more to bring awareness to the subject and provide a foundation for citizens to understand the implications of current and proposed legislation. 

“Qualified immunity has become a hot button issue in the political sphere, and almost overnight. With calls for police reform at local, state, and federal levels- the issue of qualified immunity has come front and center. However, many citizens and elected leaders did not and still do not fully understand what qualified immunity is and what the purpose of this legal immunity is for police officers. That makes it hard for people to make educated decisions about possible reforms,” National Police Support Fund’s Executive Director Simon Lewis said in a statement. 

Qualified immunity is an important legal aspect to protect police officers, and it’s vital for engaged citizens to understand the intricacies of what is currently in place as well as the implications of removing this legal protection. The initiative to engage and build awareness on this topic launched with National Police Support Fund’s fact page, which can be found here: The organization will continue to roll out additional resources on their website in the coming weeks. 

“This is an important time in our country as we deep-dive into possible police reforms,” Mr. Lewis concluded. “For police officers and citizens alike, it is important that our elected officials work together to create change that is beneficial for our society as a whole. Qualified immunity is one of many police reform topics currently being discussed, and citizens need to be aware and well-educated on these topics so that this situation- and our officers- aren’t being taken advantage of within partisan political games.”

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