A New Grassroots Movement in Support of Police Officers

Grassroots Movement in Support of Police Officers - National Police Support Fund - Support the Local Police

There is no denying the fact that America’s police officers are under attack by a pervasive and increasingly violent anti law enforcement movement in our society. Although these agitators make up an extremely low percentage of the population, their movement has grown thanks in large-part to entrenched Washington politicians who use extreme and divisive rhetoric to drive division between police officers and the communities they serve.

Enough is enough!

How to Support Police Officers

The majority of the American people support our law enforcement officers who daily, and often thanklessly put their lives on the line to protect their communities. These men and women should be revered and respects, not targeted for political purposes.

Most Americans, no matter their walk of life, support their local police officers and are truly thankful for the work they do. Unfortunately, the anti-police opposition has been more organized in its efforts to drive its divisive and dangerous movement.

And that is why the National Police Support Fund was formed. America’s cops need a unified voice in the political process and our grassroots movement of ordinary, law-abiding citizens seeks to fill that void in the national political process.

Grassroots Movement in Support of Police Officers

Our movement in support of police officers promotes common sense solutions in government policy that will protect our police officers who are being targeted every single day in too many American communities. Further, we are committed to exposing politicians who use anti-police rhetoric to grow their own political power. Their tactics are shameful and dangerous, and they must be held accountable!

The National Police Support Fund is a rapidly growing grassroots movement in support of America’s law enforcement community and we are here to make sure the voices of our brave police officers are heard at the highest levels of American government.

Wondering how to show support for police officers? Most Americans support the police and it is time that we, the silent majority, stand up for them with a unified voice! Please join us in this national effort to support the men and women in uniform who protect us every day!