Opinion: The Dangers of the ‘Defund Police’ Movement

The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 has been the catalyst for the civil unrest throughout our great country. He has become a symbol beyond himself to the progressives that want to see police departments across the U.S. defunded and disbanded. The riots in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Richmond, VA are totally unacceptable and are putting civilians, business owners, and police at risk.

The men and women of law enforcement have faced the brunt of this violence. Hundreds of law enforcement officers have been injured, some even losing their lives attempting to quell the violence. With the efforts to Defund The Police and using the secret code phase “reallocate funds” to other departments is a very dangerous endeavor. Law enforcement needs more resources, not less. If this trend continues and grows across America, there will be no one left to serve and protect our communities, and people will have to take the law into their own hands with the lack of law enforcement in society.

Martin Luther King held peaceful protests only during daylight hours. I would suggest to the “Police Reform Movement” to take a few notes out of Dr. King’s playbook. Dr. King was able to obtain great success with his methods. The men and women in law enforcement do not wake up every day and say ‘I am going to shoot someone today!’ Just the opposite- they kiss their family good-bye not knowing if they will come home after their shift to protect people they have never even met.

I ask the protesters to not lump all law enforcement officers in the same bucket. 99% of law enforcement officers become law enforcement officers to help the community they serve. Get to know the men and women who serve your community, I’m sure you will be surprised to see what you learn.

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