National Police Support Fund opposed Marsy’s Law in Florida

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, VirginiaNational Police Support Fund financially contributed to the Florida Fraternal Order of Police Legislative Fund to assist the political action committee fight the legislation. Despite the advocacy, the referendum passed.

The law, also known as Amendment 6, is “a bipartisan policy with the support of victims, victim advocates, survivors, law enforcement, state legislators and other policymakers, legal experts, and member of local communities all across Florida.”

Florida politicians used the referendum to pass other unrelated provisions that many Floridians may or may not have been aware of when they cast their ballots.

“National Police Support Fund has and will always advocate for the rights of victims,” says Simon Lewis, Executive Director of National Police Support Fund. “In the case of Marsy’s Law in Florida, politicians and interest groups used the issue of victims’ rights to pass completely unrelated provisions. That is why National Police Support Fund opposed this constitutional amendment measure in Florida.”
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