Over 50,000 Citizens Sign National Police Support Fund’s Petition, Showing Overwhelming Support of Police Nationwide

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ALEXANDRIA, VA – National Police Support Fund, a national grassroots organization based in Alexandria, VA, is pleased to announce the overwhelming success of their nationwide petition to support police officers. National Police Support Fund is a grassroots political organization that is committed to aligning the interests and needs of police officers with the public’s issues and concerns within the national political process.

Since the beginning of 2020, National Police Support Fund has been reaching out to citizens all over the United States, and over 50,000 supporters have signed their petition and vowed to help restore our nation’s respect in the honorable occupation of law enforcement. “Law enforcement officers face unforeseen perils each day and their workplace is ever-evolving. The media and other anti-police forces work every day to undermine police to the benefit of criminals and politicians who seek to use them as pawns in petty games,” Executive Director Simon Lewis remarked. The petition highlights the national trend of disrespect and violence against police officers, and asks citizens to show their support for police officers and work to end the anti-police sentiment that has pervaded our society. 

When asked what the goals of this petition were, Mr. Lewis replied, “We had a couple of goals when starting this petition. First, we wanted to show that there is an astounding number of citizens out there that support our law enforcement and understand that these men and women deserve our utmost respect as they protect and serve every day. The fact that we’ve already reached 50,000 signatures in 5 months clearly illustrates this. Second, we wanted to give these supporters a way to voice their support, and see that our united voices are stronger than the medias bias and political agendas of liberal officials. We have the chance to make a change right now, and this is the first step.” 

The petition is ongoing, and the organization welcomes and encourages supporters to add their name. You can find the full petition here: https://nationalpolicesupportfund.com/petitions/restore-respect/

National Police Support Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. Contributions made to National Police Support Fund are not tax-deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Contact National Police Support Fund:

Simon Lewis
Executive Director
(571) 364-6520
[email protected]

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