Forthcoming Police Ballot Measure Report Aims to Provide Insight for Future Ballot Efforts

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

National Police Support Fund has compiled and analyzed over three years of data on ballot measures directly impacting police operations. Ballot measures can have a significant effect on the ability of police and emergency service providers to perform at the most efficient and most effective rates. By gathering information and data surrounding recent ballot measures presented to voters between 2017 and 2019, the condition of police jurisdictions can be more accurately assessed. 

A forthcoming report analyzing the results of voting on police and law enforcement-related ballot measures will provide much needed insight and guidance for the industry as it submits new measures for vote in the future.

With the publication of the 2017-2019 Police Ballot Measure Report, there will also be corresponding articles published which will take a deeper dive into specific sections of the report. Studying the behavior of voters, what could have made a measure have a greater success rate, and analyzing the elements of each measure as it pertains to police operations will serve to properly support future police ballot measures nationwide.

During the study, five types of ballot measures were collected and their outcomes analyzed. These categories included:

  • Benefits
  • Enforcement
  • Infrastructure
  • Miscellaneous Processes
  • Operations

By dividing the measures up into these categories, trends and patterns were identified and studied in more detail. In terms of the elements of each proposed ballot measure, the majority of those studied pertained to financial and budgetary matters. In order for police operations to fully protect and serve the citizens in its jurisdictions, law enforcement officers must have adequate support, staffing, facilities, and funding.
Look for the launch of this report, and subsequent articles, related to particular elements of the study in the coming days.

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