National Police Support Fund Releases Poll Results from National Police Week

National Police Support Fund - Update

National Police Support Fund conducted a small survey at the 2018 National Police Week to get an understanding of what they think the biggest issue is facing law enforcement.

Twenty four point four percent answered fixing America’s police shortage is the biggest issue facing law enforcement. Twenty-two point two percent said electing strong judges and criminal justice officials is the second biggest issue. Funding for officer safety was the third issue with 17.8%, police use of crime stopping and deterrent technologies was fourth with 5.6%, and combating the American drug epidemic was fifth with 4.4%.

National Police Support Fund Releases Poll Results

Other answers for this question were civilian treatment of police, supervision, public relations, nonsupport of government officials, funding, relationship with community, politics/policing do not mix, bosses not leaders’ lack of leadership, lack of support/media, nonsupport from public media, lack of accountability of citizens, public perception/media, morale/media, media, mental health, biased media, former president dividing country, public, and all of the above. These all tied for sixth place with 1.1%.

The National Police Support Fund organization conducted these surveys during National Police Week via live questionnaire on iPads.