National Police Support Fund Relaunches Voter Guide for 2020 Election Season

Voter Guide 2020 - National Police Support Fund

From COVID-19 to ongoing civil unrest, law enforcement has faced unprecedented challenges this year. Now more than ever, it’s important to support political candidates who are committed to supporting the men and women who work tirelessly to keep their communities safe and uphold the rule of law.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep track of state and local elections and candidates. National Police Support Fund recently re-launched its voter support guide to highlight issues that matter to police and public safety. 

Whether you are going to the polls in November or voting by mail, remember the heroic officers who stand between America’s citizens and radical, dangerous, violent activists who are trying to take over our country. Here are three ways you can support police officers at the ballot box:

Restore Respect for Police Officers

Politicians continue to use law enforcement officers as pawns in their schemes to win political power. While they’re busy worrying about politics, left-wing anarchists and violent extremists are jumping at the opportunity to use civil unrest as an excuse to attack and disrespect officers. 

We need to ensure that our elected officials respect police officers and keep them safe as they work to protect us. Your vote for candidates who support law and order can help ensure that those who assault and demean officers are held accountable for their actions.

Support Politicians and Judges who Support Police

Elected, partisan judges need to hold those who break the law accountable and impose proper sentences, especially for repeat offenders. Weak judges embolden criminals who know they can get away with murder, rape, and other violent crimes with little to no consequences.

Additionally, we need to support current and former law enforcement officers who are running for elective office because they understand the rigors of the job and will rightfully uphold the law to keep criminals off the streets.

Funding for Training and Equipment

Even the best police officers can’t do their jobs without the proper training and equipment. Elected officials ultimately control how taxpayer dollars are allocated. 

Vote for candidates who pledge to give law enforcement the financial support they need to keep your community safe from COVID-19, dangerous protesters, and violent criminals.

We need capable officers able to approach any situation and take the necessary action. Ensure your local departments have the funding to continue to train and hone their expertise.

Voter Guide - National Police Support Fund