National Police Support Fund Releases Qualified Immunity Video, Continues Nationwide Awareness Campaign

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Alexandria, VA. – Political grassroots organization National Police Support Fund has just launched a video ad campaign focused on the latest political movement against police officers: qualified immunity. This video is part of a larger nationwide initiative to raise awareness about qualified immunity and why it’s so important to our nation’s officers. 

According to Executive Director Simon Lewis, “Qualified immunity is being used as a political weapon against our officers right now. Politicians are trying to get rid of this important protection to win points with progressive activist voters, not considering the long term damage it will do to our police force.” 

National Police Support Fund’s Qualified Immunity video ad states “Repealing qualified immunity could result in even fewer people lining up to serve the public during these troubled times, knowing it could lead to personal and financial ruin.” 

“Not only would this tie the hands of police when doing the job that the public has asked them to do, it could also result in a significant police shortage during a time when police departments across the country are already struggling to find qualified applicants,” Executive Director Simon Lewis continued. 

The ad concludes with: “While the debate will no doubt rage on in the weeks and months to come, National Police Support Fund continues to stand with our nation’s police officers and continues to fight for their protection under the law.”

For more information about qualified immunity and the work National Police Support Fund is doing to support and defend police officers within the political process, visit

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