National Police Support Fund’s Response to the Better Business Bureau

National Police Support Fund Response to the BBB

In November, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a statement regarding National Police Support Fund and its operating and fundraising practices. The BBB issued a request for information to National Police Support Fund, and we provided the legally required, and in our opinion, adequate, information to illustrate impact and best practices of operations and fundraising. However, the BBB was unsatisfied with the information provided and reported us as a potential charity scam. The BBB mistakenly stated that our organization could not be accredited since we are a 501(C)(4) organization and they only accredit 501(C)(3) organization. We would like to take this opportunity to share a few facts and correct mistaken assumptions made by the BBB.

First, the National Police Support Fund is neither a 501(c)3 nor a 501(c)4 organization, but rather a political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. We are focused on ensuring that police officers are adequately supported within our political system. As a 527 political organization, we are a compliant and recognized nonprofit by the IRS; however, the BBB did not find this adequate for their “investigation”. Our organization and its representatives were lead to believe that the investigators had received enough pertinent information to quell any misgivings; however, the BBB issued a statement stating otherwise.

In our own investigation of the nonprofit standards of the BBB, it is apparently that many organizations cannot become certified by them due to the standards of practice required by the BBB. We reached out to a nonprofit expert who commented that the standards are not realistic for many nonprofit organizations, especially those in the political sphere. In addition, the BBB charges charities $1,000 or more to receive the BBB stamp of approval- something that NPSF is not willing to comply with. Our organization uses it’s hard-earned revenue to further our political aims, not purchase favors from other organizations.

While the National Police Support Fund is saddened by the BBB’s lack of understanding of our organization, we will not let it deter us from our mission of ensuring that the interests of police officers are protected at all levels of government.

We strive to be as open and transparent about our operations and fundraising as possible. If you have any questions regarding the National Police Support Fund, please feel free to contact us through our website, or check our FAQ page for additional information.

Thank you for your continued support,
National Police Support Fund