Restore Respect Petition Reaches 50,000 Signatures

Restore Respect Petition - National Police Support Fund

For years, America’s law enforcement officers have been disrespected and, the problem is only getting worse. Every day, cops are being demeaned and attacked, and making their already difficult jobs even harder. We need elected officials to stand behind law enforcement officers and demand these shameful deeds STOP.

National Police Support Fund is leading the charge to take a stand against this unpatriotic embarrassment. We have been raising awareness about the situation, highlighting the challenges law enforcement officers face each day, and fighting to elect politicians who understand and support officers. Law enforcement officers face unforeseen perils each day and their workplace is ever-evolving. The media and other anti-police forces work every day to undermine police to the benefit of criminals and politicians who seek to use them as pawns in petty games.

We’ve been reaching out and connecting with Americans that believe in our mission to support cops. Since the beginning of this year, over 50,000 supporters have vowed to help restore our nation’s respect in the honorable occupation of law enforcement.

Join with TRUE Americans and add your name to the petition and stand up for heroes in blue!

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