Study of Police Ballot Measures Shows Trends in Voter Behavior, Illuminates Success in Passing Measures

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

National Police Support Fund recently published a comprehensive report outlining the outcome of voting on over 100 referenda presented to voters on behalf of police operations and law enforcement during the 2017 through 2019 election cycles. 

The 2017-2019 Police Ballot Measure Report takes a deep dive into the results of voting on ballot measure requesting additional funding for police operations, staffing, and facilities, among other initiatives. By continuing to study voter behavior and the outcomes of putting these measures on ballots, police jurisdictions and supporters of the initiatives can be more equipped to garner support for future measures. 

While a majority of the ballot measures studied passed, at a rate of 80.4 percent, there is much to be gleaned from studying the failure of those that did not pass. By analyzing the results and the elements of each proposed initiative, there may be more ways to support the operations of police jurisdictions facing demands such as increasing population and dwindling budgets. 

The 2017-2019 Police Ballot Measure Report is intended to serve as a resource for those wanting to improve the operational efficiency of police operations nationwide. The Report is now available  and further resources will be published in the coming weeks as supplemental information to the report. 

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