Things we Forget Police Officers Do for the Public (Part 2)

What police officers do for public - Featured image - National Police Support Fund

Last week, we covered a few of the services police officers provide that we often forget about. But police officers do so much for our communities, we had to follow up with a few more examples.

Health and welfare checks

When we fear for a loved one’s safety, or if someone has not been seen in the community for an unusually long while, it is police officers who take it upon themselves to check in on the welfare of the citizens they serve.

Traffic safety and accident response

Have you ever thought about the traffic logistics of a parade, festival or sporting event? There is a lot of planning that goes in to rerouting and closing streets for these types of events and that responsibility falls on police officers. And if you’re ever in a fender bender, the first one on scene will almost always be a police officer. Police officers respond to countless traffic accidents every day, and also help to de-escalate confrontation between the drivers involved.

Event security

Police Officers Give Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a high school football game, festival or concert, police officers give all of us peace of mind when they provide security at public events.

Natural disaster response

It is the job of police officers to serve and protect their communities. That includes responding during natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires. These calls for service police officers take can be just as, if not more dangerous than calls dealing with criminal activity.

Fire and medical emergencies

You’ll always find police officers alongside firefighters at the scene of a fire or medical emergency. In fact, most officers are trained to provide basic medical support.

Hopefully this has been a good refresher on just how much police officers do for our communities in addition to responding to and preventing crime. The next time you see a police officer, remember to thank them for everything that they do.

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