National Police Support Fund Organization to Distribute 2018 Voter Guides

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, VirginiaThe National Police Support Fund will distribute the 2018 Voter Guide ahead of this fall’s election.

Five key issues facing law enforcement in the United States are addressed within the guide such as funding for officer safety gear, police use of crime-stopping and deterrent technologies, electing strong judges, combating the American drug epidemic and fixing America’s police shortage.

The 2018 Voter Guide provides tools needed to identify the right candidates on the local ballots. Citizens can use these tools to understand where the candidates stand on issues.

“To restore a national culture of respect for police, citizens must understand the challenges officers face,” said Simon Lewis, President of National Police Support Fund. “By highlighting these important issues, we are starting a real conversation about law enforcement and public policy.”

National Police Support Fund is dedicated to promoting the interests of law enforcement officers within the national political process. National Police Support Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. To contribute, visit

Contact National Police Support Fund:

Simon Lewis
Executive Director
(571) 364-6520
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