Stand Up for Police With Your Vote

Why vote to support police?

Liberal politicians in cities all across the United States have spent the last few years trying to Defund the Police. What’s been the result? Rising crime rates, violence in the streets, businesses being destroyed, and police being attacked and humiliated. 

Police need all patriots to stand up for them and say “Enough is enough”. How do we do that? With our votes!

Will you pledge your vote to support police this election season? Use the form on this page to pledge your vote.

will you Pledge to support police this election season?


“Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality.  Simply put- defunding the police means budget cuts, fewer resources, and less ability to provide meaningful training opportunities due to lack of accessible funds.

Some are calling to “defund police” as a first step towards entirely dismantling whole police departments.

A vote to support cops is a vote to support community!