National Police Support Fund releases year-end report

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ARLINGTON, Virginia – In 2018, National Police Support Fund made great strides toward fulfilling its goals and mission to support those who support law enforcement officers in the United States.

Over the past twelve months, National Police Support Fund laid the foundation that will support work for years to come. They have used resources to execute a winning General Election strategy that saw sweeping victories in November and helped to prove that the United States still stand with police across the country.

In addition to the work in the Fall 2018 election, they conducted opinion polls and created a voter guide that reached and informed tens-of-thousands of supporters. Through our membership drives, they have gained over 80,000 members and supporters who believe in standing up for what is right and fighting for law enforcement officers’ rights.

National Police Support Fund sent a team to Washington, DC to stand with 40,000 officers and supporters at the 26th Annual National Police Week. They met with thousands of law enforcement officers, family members and supporters from across the country to help determine the issues that most affect officers and their loved ones.

National Police Support Fund spent much of the year attending conferences and conventions in order to gather first-hand perspectives on issues affecting law enforcement officers across the country. National Police Support Fund leadership attended events in Seattle, Kansas City, Orlando, Cleveland and other cities to gain a broader understanding of how to best to support law enforcement officers.

While at these conferences and conventions, National Police Support Fund staff was able to meet thousands of officers face-to-face and gain a better understanding of their concerns and issues that matter most to the men and women in blue across our country. Lessons learned will be used to focus in the organization’s efforts in 2019 and beyond.

The National Police Support Fund team met with national police leaders and civilians alike to try and understand the most pressing issues affecting officers today. The poll questions were regarding the following issues:

  1.     Funding for Officer Safety Gear
  2.     Police User of Crime-stopping and Deterrent Technologies
  3.     Electing Strong Judges and Criminal Justice Officials
  4.     Combating the American Drug Epidemic
  5.     Fixing America’s Police Shortage

Throughout the year, National Police Support Fund worked to educate supporters on important issues, and the guide was a resounding success reaching over 38,000 individuals.

National Police Support Fund has continued to grow as an authority in police-related issues. Their work has been cited in nationally-recognized and industry-leading outlets, such as PoliceOne, WCVB Boston and The Northside Sun in Mississippi.

In order to maintain a pulse on the ever-evolving industry, National Police Support Fund is currently researching, vetting and enlisting industry-insiders to form an advisory committee. This committee will advise the board of directors on vital issues and help ensure the organization’s stance is in tune with the current political climate.

National Police Support Fund was active in the Fall 2018 General Elections, and after researching candidates and weighing options, the organization chose to support candidates and referenda that best exemplified our values. National Police Support Fund is honored to have supported the following candidates and ballot referenda:

  •  Vote No Protect Ohio – Ohio voters made their voices heard, and voted to remain tough on drug offenders
  •  Georgia State Senate – National Police Support Fund supported Randy Robertson, a retired Law Enforcement Officer and former President of the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police in his winning bid for the Georgia Senate seat in District 29
  •  Florida FOP Legislative Fund – National Police Support Fund partnered with the Florida FOP Legislative Fund to fight against unfair legislation on the Florida House of Representatives

National Police Support Fund is dedicated to promoting the interests of law enforcement officers within the national political process. NPFS is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. To contribute, visit

Contact National Police Support Fund:

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Executive Director
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