Press Release - National Police Support Fund

Springfield, IL. – Grassroots political organization National Police Support Fund released a strong statement and video rebuking the Illinois Police Reform bill last week after

Camden, New Jersey - National Police Support Fund

Back in 2013, before Black Lives Matter fueled an anti-police movement across the country, the city of Camden, New Jersey, opted to defund the police

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

On February 22nd, 2021, Governor Pritzer signed into law HB 3653, which covers a large array of police and criminal justice reform measures from eliminating

Cities defunded police departments - National Police Support Fund

More than six months after Black Lives Matter protests broke out across the United States, several cities and towns have started the process of yielding

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

This month National Police Support Fund released it’s 2020 Executive Director’s Report by Simon Lewis. We are happy to have stayed true to our mission last year

Why We Need Qualified Immunity - National Police Support Fund

As homicides and other violent crimes continue to rise around the country, qualified immunity is essential for allowing police to do their jobs without fear

The debate over qualified immunity continues in cities and towns across the United States as elected officials and anti-police activists clash with law enforcement leaders

Like the rest of the world, National Police Support Fund faced unforeseen and unprecedented challenges in 2020. Despite the challenges facing law enforcement nowadays, staying

The stress of a pandemic, the hostility and hate towards officers and pushes from elected officials to defund the police, remove qualified immunity and other dangerous

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

The Illinois Senate passed a sweeping and highly controversial police and criminal justice reform bill early in the morning on Wednesday January 13th. The House