Funny Police Reports – Part 1

Funniest Police Reports Ever Seen - Featured Image - National Police Support Fund

Even though the jobs of police officers are far from funny, every once in a while there are moments of pure hilarity. Here’s what we mean. Below are a few funny police reports we’ve seen.

Funny Police Reports

1. Florida Sheriff urges residents not to shoot at Hurricane Irma

After a prank event was posted on Facebook encouraging residents to show Hurricane Irma that “we shoot first”, the Pasco County Sheriff posted this hilarious response on Twitter.

2. Suspect forgets to flush toilet, leaves DNA for police

These officers went above the call of duty to close this case

Funny Police Report 1 - Man doesn't flush toilet

3. Tucson police investigate “white powdery substance”

These cops may have a future in acting. Hilarious!

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